1. Accounting Business Expo

This is a new event on the calendar, to be held in Sydney on 21 and 22 March. Attendance for accountants is free and it is a combination of presentations from a wide range of speakers and exhibitors from across the accounting industry.

The program of speakers and panels is extensive – over 100 sessions in total – including me on a panel on day 2 discussing accounting firm mergers and acquisitions.

The list of exhibitors is also extensive so it does look like a great opportunity to update your knowledge on the tools available to you as an accountant as well as glen ideas from the many sessions.

See details here: https://www.accountingbusiness.com.au/

The PAC 2017 2. PAC2017

In April Panalitix hosts its annual conference. I’ve been the MC of this conference for three of the past four years but have passed the baton on after leaving that business. It’s the 10th conference from Panalitix and they have pulled together an impressive collection of speakers. It is at the higher end cost wise but Panalitix always puts on a good show.

See details here: https://thepac2017.com/