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Rob’s insights and guidance have been fundamental to the accelerated development of my practice.

Jason Macdonald-
Founder, White & Black Chartered Accountants

About Our Founder, Rob

For 30 years Rob has been working in and with accounting firms. Few people, if any, can match the breadth and depth of his experience in the management of firms.

He’s been the CEO of two accounting firms, the GM of one and the Business Manager for two more. He also spent 10 years delivering client services, including as a Business Services Manager.


Accounting Firm Coach Rob Pillans

About Planet Consulting

Our focus is you and your success and we know that success is different for each person. That’s why we give you tailored solutions to specifically match your needs and hands on help where and when it matters. 

Our approach

To deliver our tailored solutions and hands on help, we use a combination of:

  1. Coaching – help you find answers and support implementation
  2. Consulting – recommend answers and support implementation
  3. Training – build your skills
  4. Facilitation – meetings and projects
  5. Mentoring – share the experience of “been there done that”

What we do best:

Some of the things we do best are to help you to:


  • address flat or declining revenue, profits and/or cash flow;
  • create a better work environment and work life balance with less stress;
  • tackle the feeling of being overwhelmed and not sure where to start;
  • support restructuring, mergers, acquisitions or splits;
  • drive positive change in the firm;
  • improve your systems and processes including the use of technology;
  • identify what success is for you and implement a plan to achieve it;
  • attract and retain the people you need for success; or
  • have a review from an independent expert who can give you ideas and recommendations on how to do things better.

Where we work

We work face to face in city and regional/country areas across Australia and New Zealand. We also work with clients via video, phone and email where that is appropriate.

Who We Work With

Find out about the types of Accounting Firms we work with, and where you might fit.

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