In my work as an accounting firm coach, consultant and mentor I am regularly speaking with firm owners and managers about marketing. In the current climate where finding great team members is “hard” and finding clients is “easy”, the focus of marketing activity is often about attracting and retaining the right team members into your firm. 

Typically what I see is smaller firms will not have any specialist inhouse marketing capability. Quite often there will be a person who has an interest who gets involved, but they have other responsibilities and marketing is one of many. 

Often a firm will engage a third party specialist to assist with marketing, particularly in the digital space. This is very similar to a business asking an accounting firm to provide a “fractional” CFO service. They are not big enough to have a resource inhouse but need some help. 

Once a firm gets to a size where it could potentially have someone in house, a very reasonable question to ask, is should you continue to outsource pretty much everything to an agency?

To help you answer that question I’m providing a link below from a digital marketing agency. This agency is run by my niece Juliette and her husband Matt, based out of Auckland. They have been very successful and have a team of 20 + people working on all things digital marketing. 

 Should you outsource your marketing to an agency? | blog by Harper Digital