Accounting Firm Coaching

Tailored Coaching

Coaching can be for an individual owner or manager or a group such as managers, owners or a leadership team. Our coaching can help you to:


  • Identify what success is for you and your business
  • Set meaningful goals aligned with your success
  • Map out actions to achieve those goals
  • Think through and clear roadblocks to your success
  • Be accountable for taking agreed actions

What to expect

We take the time to get to know you and your business and agree on how coaching will benefit you the most. This may involve us working together monthly in person or via video, or some other timing that works for you.

Many firm owners tell us that a key element of coaching is the accountability it brings. As an owner you are often accountable to just yourself or a fellow owner or owners. Our experience shows that being “accountable” to a knowledgeable third party is very powerful and yields great results. Owners also tell us that having a sounding board to bounce ideas around with or event vent (!) is really helpful.

We blend into the coaching experience our other services as appropriate to support you to achieve your goals.

Your investment for tailored coaching is a fixed fee (typically per month or quarter) agreed up front and there is no minimum term applicable.

Tailored Accounting Firm Coaching

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