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Business Planning

This is a business planning workshop specifically tailored for your firm. We have a suite of methodologies and tools we use to help you get clarity on what is important to you, where you want to go and most importantly, how you are going to get there.

For most firms this will be over one, two or three days. We can also build in a values discovery workshop for you and your team if appropriate.

What to expect

We work with you to build your ideal workshop and identify the inputs needed to make our time together on the day/s super focused and productive. We also agree with you on who in your business should be involved in the workshop. In some instances that may mean some people participating only for part of the day/s.

To get the most from the workshop there is preparation required which we guide you through. Inputs include:


  • A survey of your team members (typically no more than 10 questions via Survey Monkey)
  • Completion of a Life Balance Review for owners and optionally managers
  • The business planning template we provide with explanation of some thinking to do prior
  • Brief questionnaire specially tailored for owners
  • A small number of articles we share with you to prompt your thinking
  • Success Ready Review™ where that has been completed
Accounting Firm Business Planning

We build an agenda with you and on the day/s use that as a guide. Our experience has been it is important to be flexible. On the day/s Rob acts as a skilled facilitator to support robust and respectful debate, brainstorming, evaluation of options and informed decision making. He will also add ideas if he believes you have missed something and flag where he believes you may be in danger of making a poor decision.

The outputs from the workshop include:


  • Agreed actions
  • A Business Success Plan
  • Identification of a framework for monitoring, reporting and accountability

Meet Phillip

Phillip Brown – Director, PPT Professional Pty Ltd


We had previously worked with Rob when he undertook a Success Ready Review of our firm, so when it came to renewing our business plan Rob was an obvious choice to facilitate the process. Rob’s personal experiences in running accounting firms and the journeys he has shared with his clients, provide him with plenty of resources to help steer the business planning process in the right direction.
The end result for our firm is a comprehensive and well structured document that sets out the future for our business, in a manner that allows us to clearly see the path to where and what we want our firm to achieve. The two days spent with Rob through the business planning workshop were invaluable and have created plenty of energy and enthusiasm for the future of our firm.

The end result for our firm is a comprehensive and well structured document that sets out the future for our business.

Phillip Brown

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