What is a TAP Small Firm Group?
TAP Small Firm Group 1 is an independent group of likeminded people responsible for the management of accounting and advisory firms with one or two owners. If you are a partner/director in a small firm, then this is the group for you.  It provides a safe forum for discussing issues and opportunities in your firm and to step back from the day to day and work on your business rather than in it.  A goal of the group is to promote a culture of best practice. The group is limited to no more than 10 firms and is by invitation only.
What happens at the meetings?
There is a lot of discussion, information flows, ideas are brainstormed and exchanged, problems are solved, awareness is created, people are educated and horizons are broadened. As facilitator, Rob Pillans follows the agenda circulated prior to the meeting and flexes as needed to take into account the needs of attendees on the day.  Each firm presents a status update and shares how they went against previously agreed goals. They also identify goals for achievement prior to the next meeting and note down all manner of ideas gleaned from the meeting.
How can the group make life easier for members?
Individuals come with specific issues, seeking solutions. More often than not, the answer to the question already exists within the collective experience of the members, and is freely shared. If it doesn’t exist, members pool resources and workshop the issue then and there, until, where possible, a practical solution has been created.
What sorts of things are discussed?
Pretty much any aspect of accounting firm management is discussed, including in the areas of:

·        Marketing and sales

·        Client relationship management

·        Products and services

·        Processes and systems

·        IT

·        People management

·        Risk management

·        Leadership and general management

·        Premises and administration

·        Succession, including sale, purchase, merger, acquisition

·        Anything else a member raises