Travel is a big thing for my partner Kate and me. We love to see other parts of the world and see first hand places we read or hear about.

Recently I received an email from Google giving me my Google Maps Timeline Update. For the seven months to 31 July it reckons I’ve travelled 47,462km!

Here are a few random observations:

  • It was great to be back in the UK and Europe in their summer after a break of three years
  • The displays of wealth around Paddington in London were mind boggling!
  • The Europeans live life to the fullest in summer – they love to be outdoors and take advantage of the good weather.
  • Smoking and vaping is everywhere in France. While you can’t do it inside restaurants and cafes you can still do it at outside tables, which is where most people eat. It is almost impossible to avoid smoke as you eat.
  • The Channel Islands show influences from France, German and England, all of which have controlled them at some point. We visited Alderney, Guernsey and Jersey and found them to be really interesting.
  • A taxi driver in Jersey said he is not all that fussed on tourists because the real money for Jersey comes from the finance industry!
  • Sanitiser stations were everywhere but not so much mask wearing.
  • France remains as beautiful as ever and Paris was a bit quieter than usual giving it greater appeal.
  • The history everywhere you go is incredible.
  • Normally after 5 weeks away Kate and I are ready to return home. We weren’t ready this time!

We have already booked to be back in Europe in 2023 – Sicily, Malta and Montenegro being our main destinations.

A good break is great for mind and body and I encourage you to put something in your calendar. Plan ahead and make it happen.