Brisbane AirportI really like Brisbane airport. That’s lucky because as an accounting firm coach who regularly visits firms I find myself passing through it quite a bit. 14 times in August for example. It strikes me as a really well run airport where everything just seems to work. My hunch is that a key contributor to this is the systems they have in place and really good use of technology.

I came across an article about their tech transformation in a daily IT news feed I receive. You can read the full article here but I have picked out a couple of key things which I think can provide lessons for accounting and business advisory firms.

Brisbane domestic airport terminalHere are a couple of quotes the Brisbane Airport head of ICT and business solutions:

“Digital by default isn’t just decentralising the build of capabilities; it is also about embedding digital into strategies being executed at the lines of business level as well.

I have told the entire business that we shouldn’t really be talking about digital strategy anymore because there was a lot of confusion.

Instead we should be talking about is digital action plans that support your business strategy.

Your business strategy will have a number of action plans, one of which should be your digital action plan. You should also have a marketing action plan in the same sense as you have a commercial action plan.

It’s almost trying to make digital a core part of a business strategy rather than just have a [standalone] digital strategy.”

Digital StrategyI am seeing some firms genuinely make digital a core part of their business strategy, while some others really struggle with this. Does it matter? I believe it does. If you are struggling with this see my article on ATSA (Accountants’ Technology Showcase Australia) and consider attending to get ideas. There are so many opportunities for accountants to improve how they work through being more digital.

The world really is going digital and we will either move with this or get left behind. As part of my own digital strategy I’ve recently upgraded to three new computer screens in my office and am using some new software tools. So far I’ve not given up the small book and four colour pen I carry with me everywhere but they could be on the endangered species list!

When you are doing your annual, six monthly or other business planning session/s I encourage you to think in terms of making digital a core part of your strategy. And if you need a third party to facilitate such a planning event I will be happy to help.