TAP Groups

TAP Groups

The Accountants Peer Groups (“TAP” Groups) ) are independent groups of accounting and advisory firm owners and managers, in firms of 2 to 10 owners, facilitated by Rob Pillans.

They provide a safe and supportive forum for discussing issues and opportunities in your firm and to step back from the day to day and work on your business rather than in it. Your TAP group meets quarterly and effectively becomes your advisory board.

What to expect

When you join one of our TAP Groups you become a member of a unique community that will support your success. Each group is connected via quarterly face to face meetings and a private online team in Microsoft Teams. The private online team allows members to ask questions and share items of interest without having to wait for the next meeting.


There are currently TAP Groups meeting in Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. Even if you are not in one of those locations, reach out to us if the concept appeals and we might be able to get a group started in your city.

The Accountants Peer Groups

What happens at meetings

Rob builds an agenda for each meeting and shares ahead of time, with members guiding some of the content.

There is a lot of discussion, information flows, ideas are brainstormed and exchanged, problems are solved, awareness is created, people are educated and horizons are broadened.

There is usually a special topic for each meeting where we go deep and this may involve a guest presenter.

Each firm presents a status update and shares how they went against previously agreed goals. They also identify goals for achievement prior to the next meeting and note down all manner of ideas and action points gleaned from the meeting.

We also discuss some of the articles that Rob has curated from local and international sources on topics of interest for firm owners and managers.

The meetings are usually from 9am to 2pm with morning tea and lunch provided.

Once per year we do a benchmarking of firms to help with learning from each other.

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